The aim of the anatomy class is to increase the student's understanding and awareness of their bodies. Studying structures such as muscles, bones, ligaments, joints etc, provides a basic knowledge of the human body. With this foundation, the students will learn about functions and structures that are particularly important for the dancer and the dancer's body, in order to improve alignment, posture as well as the effectiveness of exercising and stretching. Increased knowledge of injury prevention and rehabilitation will provide the students with further tools to insure that their body will stay healthy, functional and balanced in all circumstances, such as daily training, performances, resting, or injury.

Recommended literature

Andrew Biel, "Trail Guide to the Body" Eric Franklin, "Conditioning for Dance" Blandine Calais-Germain, "Anatomy of Movement" Jacqui Greene Haas, "Dance Anatomy" Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, "The Anatomy of Exercise & Movement."