The jazz classes are based on ballet and several Jazz dance techniques.

As a dance style, jazz is still rather young and therefore not as settled when it comes to appearance and technique, as many other genres within theatrical dance. I see this as a quality and an opportunity for the young dancers to find their own feet, so to speak, in jazz as a dance style. Focus will be on combining the technique which is coming from ballet, modern and jazz, with energy and storytelling.

Learning the different styles within jazz and being able to switch between them according to music and story has to become fluent for the students in order for them to keep up with the ever changing world of jazz. We have not yet seen the last jazz dance style to be created. Who knows, maybe the next major jazz style will emerge from one of the students from Dance Educational.

Technique is a key point yes, but it is not the answer to everything. Finding your own unique style and appreciating what comes easy to you, it is from there that a dancer should find energy and everlasting passion.

Having a good jazz technique means the freedom to let it go again in order for the dance to come alive. Therefore the performance-angle will also play a great role in the jazz classes. The goal is to get an effortless technique so that you can have your eyes on the story within the choreography at all times.