School Description

Dance Educational is a two year dance intensive independent program which consists of the same contents as a three year education, to train and prepare students to enter the professional dance world. The program is designed to achieve the maximum potential of each and every student which is accepted into the school. Based in the Nordic region Copenhagen/Denmark, it is an inspirational opportunity to give a high level of dance to the young and upper coming Nordic dancer as well as the European and international dance community. The daily training is on a high international level in order for the students to obtain a firm and solid technical ability they will need to embark on a career in the ever growing competitive world of dance.

The independent study program will be suitable for those that wish to have the same high quality and technical training as a three year dance program, those which have finished a one year preparation dance line or those that are on a satisfactory level of dance with a good ground level and knowledge that wish to study independently. The age of admittance is from 18-23. Dance Education will also consider the age of 24-25 proving the student in question is on a high knowledge of dance which shows a talented and prosperous capability.

Dance Educational is not only for those that wish to become active performing dancers, it is also for those that wish to take their dance knowledge and training in a different direction, to use the high technical training they have received, to develop their own unique way and style of working that will lead and shape them to their own projects, be it full choreographic works or performing events, working and using their own ideas to develop themselves and others.

Class participation

The Independent program will consist of 12-15 technical classes weekly, that will contain Classical Ballet and Contemporary Modern Dance and will be give 5-6 times a week. The modern class will be Graham, Release, Limon or Horton based. Additional classes will be given in Jazz, Lyrical, Modern and Afro based. Pilates, Composition, Improvisation, Repertoire and Anatomy. The students will also take part in, drama classes with emotional expression and movements, in order to bring out feelings to enhance their choreographic dance works. Wellbeing classes will be offered in addition, where the students can express themselves verbally, as well as nutrients and food intake information. Schools hours are from 09.00 until 14.30, Monday to Friday.


Each semester contains 16 weeks and the total completion of the program is four semester (two years). Official examinations will be conducted at the end of each completed semester, where the students undergo and present the work that has been carried out throughout the term, to be presented to a panel of experienced and knowledgeable adjudicators.

Performance and working relationship

Year one will consist of small and selected chorographic works in national dance festivals and other dance related public appearances, communicating and working with known dance organizations and media. At the end final year, (year two) will consist and lead to a full performance where all students are excepted to take part to make a final presentation of the worked that has been created throughout the two years at Dance Educational.


On completion of the full four semesters the participating students will receive a certified diploma as proof and confirmation of their dance education. Awards of distinction will be given to the student that has gained the highest achievement throughout the full four semesters.

Fees and enrolment

Enrolment will be once a year and will start in the autumn term of mid-August. The tuition fee is 40.000 Danish kroners annually.Payments can be made into divided portions. A deposit of one semester should be paid in advance to secure your place at Dance educational after you have been accepted, thereafter one semester should be paid in advance. Thereafter payments can be divided in alternative portions. Alternative x 2.20.000 x 1.40.000.

European students with the Euro currency, the rate is 40.000 Danish kroner annually. Dance Educational will only accept applications from students that is within Europe and the European community.

On acceptance to Dance Educational all students are expected to pay the first year tuition fee 6 weeks in advance before the semester begins.