Classic training – Vaganova method

Vaganova method emphasizes dancing with the entire body, promoting harmonious movement among arms, legs, and torso. Vaganova herself believed the torso was the foundation of all movements. So in order for the arms to assist the dancer in high jumps and turns the dancer's torso has to be strengthened.

The class is arranged so each student can understand and improve his/hers potential as a dancer. In addition to technique training, we will work on music awareness and artistic expression; the class will encourage the student to develop the skill of picking up steps fast, and there will be some homework in order to understand and remember various steps from the class of the week.


1st year, 1st term

Introducing placement and use of hips, legs and feet (incl. turn-out), building up strength in torso, feet and lower legs preparing for simple jumps and pirouettes. Technical focus: Sur le cou-de-pied, flic-flac, fondu, petit battement, simple change of directions and sautés on one leg. Simple pirouettes.

1st year, 2nd term

Introducing placement and use of torso, arms and head and shoulders. Building up strength in torso, feet and legs to perform short adagios.

Technical focus: Relevé (introducing pointwork by agreement with the faculty) general demi-point/full point, port de bras, change of direction on one leg and high jumps. Repetition of curriculum from 1st & 2nd term with inclusion of torso, legs/arms coordination.


2nd year, 1st term.

Placement and use of torso, arms and legs, preparing and executing big jumps and big turns. Building up stamina and speed, to promote harmonious movement in longer combinations.

Technical focus: lengthy adagios, attitude pirouettes, tour en l’air, battements at small jumps, grand jetés en tournant, turns on point.

2nd year, 2nd term

Virtuosity in dancing with the entire body in all fields of classical training on a professional level including adagio, big and small jumps, big and small pirouettes and any combination from this.

Technical focus: Triple or more pirouettes, double jumps en tournant, coupé jetés, turns on point. Double tour en l’air.


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