Referance from Tina

Val Jean-Charles worked for The Royal Swedish Balettschool /Svenska Balletskolan Malmo from 1998 until 2004, initially as the schools head teacher in modern contemporary dance technique; but very soon also as the schools choreographer, in charge of the many school productions in collaboration with Malmo Brass Band, Malmo Symphony Orchestra and productions at Dansstationen Palladium.

Val Jean-Charles work is signified, not only by an ardent love and technical understanding of modern contemporary dance, but his capacity of conveying to his students, that artistic capabilities starts with the building of a strong technical basis.

Val Jean-Charles has worked as a professional dancer, choreographer and dance educator for more than 25 years, which proves his sense of innovation, adaptation to multiple choreographic challenges, as well as his artistic stamina. I give him my warmest recommendation.

Tina Mariager f.m. Deputy principal/Artistic director National Swedish Ballet School Malmo.

Referance from Laura

I have known Val Jean-Charles for nearly ten years now and have a great respect for the work he does. He is a very impassioned choreographer and teacher. He is dedicated to his art and his work has a beautiful expressive quality that is easily recognizable.

Val easily motivates his students/dancers by his own enthusiasm and direct approach in the studio. He expects his dancers to give 100% while in class or rehearsal. He encourages them and pushes them so they can develop to their full potential.

It seems to me that Val has an endless supply of ideas and energy when it comes to creating new material. He has been inspiring and supportive to work with all the years I have known him. He has given so much and has so much more to offer to the world of dance.

Laura Cheesman. Classical dancer and teacher.

Referance from Randi

As a choreographer I began a career in Copenhagen in the early 70's by initiating the modern dance group Living Movement and in 1982 I initiated New Danish Dance Theatre. In the 90`s the work took place in mostly in project form with both smaller and large scale productions, and in co-operation with many and varied kinds of artists.

In 1992 I did a large production entitled Heart Of Hearts taking part in KIT's Dancin'City together with Global Guaranty Orchestra playing live. In a select cast was Val Jean Charles. Val was always full of enthusiasm, he also brought a fine sense of discipline as well as both great energy and nerve to the characters he portrayed in the eclectic full length work.

Randi Patterson.