Reason for this school

Dance Educational is a school that has been thought over for a period of 4 years. The program is carefully assembled out of 25 years of personal dance experience and in consultation with some of the most leading personalities in dance. The creation and reason behind this school is to give those that are seeking a career in the professional dance world a golden opportunity to get tuition on a technically high level of dance with experienced teachers that were once themselves dancers, to develop the students to the very best of their ability.

As a previous dancer myself, I understand what it is like to go through the demanding daily training, trying to achieve your dreams. The challenges and commitments are high and the outcome can be uncertain, and we can at times doubt our self and who we are, "Do I have what it takes". But yet we have the passion, ambition for dance and we continue on never the less.

Dance Educational will give every student which is accepted, a daily training with teachers that are of an experienced and outstanding capability, structurally firm and unique in their way of teaching and working with the students. It will provide the students with a technical knowledge that will remain and be sustainable throughout their career, competitively confident and a belief in the ability of themselves, regardless where their dance career may take them, be it nationally or internationally.

It is the only two year intense independent dance program in Scandinavia of its kind, focusing not only on the technical side but also the development of the dancers personality through the language of dance. It is a school of giving and taking, learning and sharing, supporting your fellow students. Rising to the daily challenges, taking the steps that is needed to strive, achieve and to make the thought of being a dancer come to reality. It is a school of having a valuable education in a positive and friendly environment.

Val Jean-Charles

Artistic leader and founder