Ballet Class

The ballet technique will attach great importance to and have a great emphasis on the Vaganova Technique. The Vaganova Technique emphasizes to make the student strive for strength, purity and condition. The technical exercises will be made at the barre, on the floor and going across the floor.

Through the Vaganova Technique the students will soon receive strong legs e.g. since every exercise is finished with straight legs. Frappé is made with the foot pointed in sur le cou-de-pied instead of with the foot flexed and the positions of the arms and feet are 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position.

After Rond de jambe all exercises solely start on temps reléve, the arm in allongé before pirouettes as preparation. You also have a slightly lower tempo to let the body get stronger, show endurance and to obtain a cleaner technique. When the technique is there the student can easier increase the tempo.

The students will train to get a very solid technical base which will be the foundation for developing a more personal style and way of moving. Technically strong to be able to accomplish quick technical steps.

Through the technique the students will learn to train the right muscles and learn how to avoid injuries.

Result: Strength, purity, endurance long muscles with a strong and stable technique.