The class will focus on stage presence and on expressing meaning through movement. We will explore different dynamics and quality of movement. We will also find out how emotions reflect on our movements and on our bodies. No texts will be used in this class; instead we let the movements do the talking.

Performing art is about creating illusions, and this process starts in our minds. Therefore, our key concepts will be for example movement and emotion in the body, dynamics of movement, feeling the space, impulses, and sensitivity to a dialogue on the stage.

Each class begins with a guided exploration to the dimensions and dynamics of the body. Every class has a specific theme which will be introduced through individual and pair exercises. As a one learning method we will use the peer observation. Classes will aim to generate a better understanding of self-awareness, and readiness to interaction on stage. You will gain better ability to focus on inner listening, trusting impulses and giving meaning to your performance on stage.

We will work with exercises familiar to the physical theatre tradition, but we will also explore dynamics with a help of different materials and objects that you will be asked to bring to the class. You will also be asked to do home assignments which will serve as base for your individual learning process. You need to be open and motivated to work independently.

I warmly welcome you to this journey!