Student's comments

Helena Begeland

I took my very first dance class for Val in August 2007 when I started as a student at a preparation dance line in Malmo. That was my very first encounter with Contemporary Modern Dance. During that preparation year Val's classes, teaching and support came to be the most important reason why I continued my studies in Contemporary Modern Dance at Martha Graham School in New York.

These past years I have taken so many classes in so many different places for so many different teachers and there are no classes like Val. His choreographies are dynamic, technical and expressive, very much created to suit the individual dancer. The style is influenced from the strong and beautiful Graham technique.

Val not only focuses on physical dance training but also on deep understanding for dance as an art. Once entering the dance studio he requires a high level of concentration and hard work from his students and expects you to always do your very best and much more! In exchange he will support you and share his knowledge and experience as a teacher and choreographer.

Val will give you constructive criticism that will help you reach the next level as a dancer, no matter where you are and where youre going.

Helena Begeland


Mina Tomic

I started dancing as a young teenager, and since then I have tried a lot of different styles. When I discovered contemporary dance it abruptly became my favourite, and has been a continuous experience for me. I dance because it is a constant challenge, both physically and as a way of expressing yourself. You struggle for your body to speak out.

Val has a clean modern style that gives you a chance to focus on your body and technique. He helps you find your finest weaknesses and teaches you how to work with them. The class also gives you an opportunity to work with various music, often in an unique relation to the choreography.

Mina Tonic