In this class we encourage our students to explore and create their own movements to find their personal way to express themselves, gain a better awareness of their bodies and unique paradigms. Our goal is to help dancers to develop their creativity through the exploration of tempo, space and their capability of movement in relation to the environment and interaction with other dancers and objects.

The exercises in class will assist the dancers in their spontaneous creative process, moving towards a production instead of the traditional model of reproduction. All students will have a common starting point, be it an idea, a feeling or a word and from there we will be able to see how multiple and individual dance paradigms arise.

We will work mainly with transitions and interactions, playing with space and timing, trying to experience the movement from the inside out. The improvisation class will be the tool to direct the attention of our students towards themselves, their own movements and the sensations that those movements will provoke, not only the plain reproduction of an already known pattern.

A warm welcome to you on this journey!