Student's comments


Sofie Cedervall, Gothenburg/Sweden

I started my studies at Dance Educational in the autumn of 2013. I moved from my hometown Gothenburg to Copenhagen and was so excited and happy to get to dance every single day. From the very first day I had my mind set on becoming the best dancer I could possibly be. I was ready to work hard, push myself and challenge myself in my dancing and that was exactly what I was in for. In the school you have to give 100% every minute of every class. It's intense but so great, I can feel that I'm constantly developing.


Lea Hannah Günther, Wuppertal/Germany

In 2004 dancing became my passion and I have known for many years dance should be my profession. It was a big step to choose to move in a city which is 1000km away from my hometown and to go away from my family and friends. I was afraid of being alone. The other students and the teachers are amazing, the students became friends and they make me feel I never have to be alone. We dance, laugh, cry and work together. It is really tough, but the reward is priceless and I am happy to be here every single day.


Sofie Strandberg, Kristianstad/Sweden

I am now almost halfway through my education but already shortly after starting at Dance Educational I noticed a big difference with my dancing. It’s a really tough education, it challenges you both physically and mentally and that makes us develop and grow allot as a dancer.


Nuno Pedersen, Copenhagen/Denmerk

I have enjoyed the time at Dance Educational a lot, two very hard and wonderful years with heaps of challenges and high demands. The teachers are exceptional and it has been a unique opportunity to work in a professional environment like this where you have to invest yourself 110% in every single class. Walking into the studio every morning has been a huge privilege.

A place where I could develop both as a dancer and as a person and not just through great dance classes but also high expectations, fun moments, friendships and valuable lessons.


Turid Tholle, Copenhagen/Denmark

I am glad I applied to Dance Educational, because every day I learn something important. I learn to do things that I have always thought "how do the dancers do that?”. Now after the two first semesters I have done so many things I never thought I could do and every day I get pushed to go further - no waste of time! One of the best things about the school is the positive and encouraging atmosphere between teachers and students, even though we work hard at every class, there is always room for a smile. At Dance Educational, I am challenged in every possible way, every day.

I have learned so much, both technically, but also about myself in dancing - how I am as a dancer. I have discovered the importance of working with my mind when I dance and that is a knowledge I will bring with me for the rest of my life.


Busayo Akintioye, Malmö/Sweden

Dance Educational is a unique school that sees all its students and delivers precisely what you need and more, to advance you into the professional dance world. Dance Educational in my opinion is the best school in Scandinavia, it has something other dance schools do not have. Val Jean-Charles the founder and artistic leader of the school is a unique person and I am honoured to have met and had him as my teacher.

He dares to go his own way to benefit the students, he is passionate and takes care of them all and nothing is too great or small for him. The teachers works very hard to inspire, guide and give the students the technical and artistic knowledge they will need for them to work professionally when they have graduated from the school.

The school has given me so much more in the field of dance that I could ever have imagined and changed my way of thinking to see all the positive things about me and my dancing. I have now graduated, working as a dancer and would like to help others and pass on the knowledge I have learnt from this wonderful school, to inspire them the way that Dance Educational has inspired me.


Elina Valtonen, Vaasa/Finland

Dance Educational is a place where you understand the meaning of dedication. The staff of Dance Educational will teach you that dedication is the most important thing when studying to become a dancer. You need to be dedicated to dance everyday like it was the last time you ever danced. It is a school with both a high level of demand, but also a high level of achievement. It is a unique opportunity to reach effectively a high standard of technical ability, which is the biggest contribution in growing to become a dancer.

The school gives you the tools that you need to build a base for a dancer´s career. The icing on the cake is that the school helps you in finding your dance identity, those features that make you unique, interesting and confident as an artist.


Elin Lund, Helsingborg/Sweden

During my first year at Dance Educational I experienced many new things about my dancing. This is the first professional education I am going to since I finished high school. At Dance Educational they train you to become a professional dancer, they push you to work hard every day so you can work as a dancer. After my first year I had turned into a totally different dancer technically. I have become much stronger and have started to look much more as a dancer.

The teachers help and guide you in the right direction to find a job that will suit you. Two years have passed quickly and when I think back to what we have learned in this education, I realized there was a lot of things that have helped me on the way to become the dancer I want to be. The teachers and the director put their heart and soul into their work so the education can be the greatest.


Helena Begeland, Stockholm/Sweden

I took my very first dance class for Val in August 2007 when I started as a student at a preparation dance line in Malmo. That was my very first encounter with Contemporary Modern Dance. During that preparation year Val's classes, teaching and support came to be the most important reason why I continued my studies in Contemporary Modern Dance at Martha Graham School in New York.

These past years I have taken so many classes in so many different places for so many different teachers and there are no classes like Val. His choreographies are dynamic, technical and expressive, very much created to suit the individual dancer. The style is influenced from the strong and beautiful Graham technique.

Val not only focuses on physical dance training but also on deep understanding for dance as an art. Once entering the dance studio he requires a high level of concentration and hard work from his students and expects you to always do your very best and much more! In exchange he will support you and share his knowledge and experience as a teacher and choreographer.

Val will give you constructive criticism that will help you reach the next level as a dancer, no matter where you are and where youre going.


Mina Tomic, Uppsala/Sweden

I started dancing as a young teenager, and since then I have tried a lot of different styles. When I discovered contemporary dance it abruptly became my favourite, and has been a continuous experience for me. I dance because it is a constant challenge, both physically and as a way of expressing yourself. You struggle for your body to speak out.

Val has a clean modern style that gives you a chance to focus on your body and technique. He helps you find your finest weaknesses and teaches you how to work with them. The class also gives you an opportunity to work with various music, often in an unique relation to the choreography.


Boel Jönsson, Malmö Sweden

Val is a very warm, caring, dedicated person and teacher that sees everyone in this lessons and cares about all his Students. He has an eye for great details and can thus give each student the help they need in order to develop them to reach their best and highest potential.

His modern dance classes are based very much on the graham technique and his jazz classes are also very technical based. I am so happy and grateful that I have had the opportunity to dance for Val and for all the inspiration he has given me as a dancer.