The Street Dance class is focusing in learning the urban moves techniques and the street culture. As street dance influenced today's dance industry, students will learn necessary practical skills in this style.

The students will learn the basic of Hip-Hop steps and elements, isolations, locking, popping, hype. They will also learn the new style of street dance and more complex routines. In this class the history and evolution of Street Dance will be in theory as well as in practice. The students will be immerse in the roots and influences of street dance as part of the program.

This class will also help the students to develop musicality, groove, expression and feeling as it is part of the street dance culture. This class will also emphasize on a solid technical base, the posture, the energy and the attitude in order to help the students reach their self-expression goals and develop their dance personality.

Freestyle will also be part of the dance class as an important aspect of the street dance culture and it will also prepare the students for auditions, performances or battles. This will also help the students to develop their creativity alongside with a good knowledge of the dance style.