Val Jean-Charles

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Val Jean-Charles was born on the 21 February 1962 and raised in London/England and is one of eight children. He entered and studied at the London Contemporary School of Dance in the mid 70's, a three-year degree course in Contemporary Dance & Choreography, one year Master of Arts & Postgraduate's Diploma in Contemporary Dance. On the finishing of his dance education and starting his career, he obtained work in one of Italy's most recognised Dance Company "The Italian Touring Modern Dance Theatre".

On returning back to England he worked with Britain's top choreographer, Arlene Phillips with London's most famous dance company "Hot Gossip" which made several national and international stage/television performances. Val has worked with America's leading choreographer David Toguri in the feature film that stared David Bowie"Absolute Beginners". He spent lots of time working with one of London's most known dancer/choreographer, Carol Stracker and her Dance Foundation. Under her influence he met and worked with Choreographer Michael Clark and dance companies, Dance Theatre Harlem and the London City Ballet

On the musical side he has worked in Londons West-End Theatre's in productions, "Mantombi", "The Black And White Minstrel Show", "Treasure Ireland", "The Whiz" and Andrew Lloyd Webber "Starlight Express". He has worked with artist Billy Ocean, Mel and Kim, Tina Turner, Cliff Richards and Shirley Bassey.

His introduction to Scandinavia was back in 1987 when he worked as a dancer in Stockholm's outrageous and exciting dance sensation "Surprise Sisters". Since settling down in Scandinavia in 1991 he started in Copenhagen/Denmark and has worked with the most known and famous choreographer, dance icon, Randi Patterson and was invited to work with Denmark's leading modern dance company "The New Danish Dance Theatre" with Warren Spears. He was in the dance production that opened Denmark's "Dansescenen" in Copenhagen with the production of "400 Meter Ballet". He spent three years at Copenhagen's recognised dance schools "Dansevaerkstedet" with Martha Gardner and opened his own dance company "Motion Dance Theatre" which toured Copenhagen national schools with the successful production of "Crack Down". He has appeared on Denmark's national TV Channels.

In moving to Sweden in January 1998 he has worked as a dance teacher/choreographer for Folkuniversitetet Dansstudion Helsingborg, six years at The National Swedish Ballet School Malmo. Malmo Musical Academy, Dansstationen Malmo, Dansstudio No.1 Malmo, where he has contributed in many and various choreographic works and has choreographed for events such as Salto that included "Meeting between Two Cultures" Sweden's National day of dance Dansensdag which included "Serene" and "Dance Emotions". He has also choreographed Helsingborg's biggest cultural event, Mid-Winter Lights, which included "Dance With a Head of Fashion", "The Light Triumph" and has choreographed for the Malmo Symphony Orchestra which lead to a tour of China.

He has reopened his own Dance Company in Sweden Motion Dance Theatre which was responsible for the opening of Dunkers Kulturhus with the spectacular dance and drama production of "The Human Touch" sponsored by Helsingborg community. Val Jean-Charles with Oresund Dance Academy has a high and valuable input to the outcome for the dance productions of the school with credit dance performances to his name such as "Roots", "Meetings", "Colours" and "Icon - Michael Jackson".

Since opening his own dance school, Dance Educational in 2011. He is devoted to help and educate others to achieve their dreams in becoming professional dancers, guiding and launching them into the dance world. It is a passion he is deeply committed to, shearing and giving his time, experience and knowledge to young dance students in order for them to develop into technically solid and artistically dancers to enter their chosen professional dance career. It is also his ambition, not only to create good all round technical dancers but also to give them the tools they need to prosper and gain success in the ever growing demanding world of dance.