Medical Requirements

If any student on auditioning to Dance Educational has a physical medical condition, a letter from the doctor should be attached with the application form explaining the exact matter. Depending on the medical information given by the doctor, it will be discussed among the staff and teachers whether or not the condition will be of a hindrance to the student education and if it will be appropriate for him/her to enter Dance Educational.

Clothing Requirements

On acceptance and entering Dance Educational, students must own at least one pair of jazz, ballet and street shoes, footy, a Pilates mat and have an adequate supply of dance clothing. The students on attendance to the lesson should be of a neat and tidy appearance, with tidy hair that doesn't obstruct their sight. Jewelry must not be worn, and fingernails should be kept to an appropriate length. Baggy clothing, T-shirts and other similar clothing that restrict the teachers view should not be worn. Students should always comply with the teachers request concerning clothing for each individual lesson attended.

Clothes for dancers

Lateness and Absence

Students must be prompt and on time for all lessons, lateness and absence must be kept to an absolute minimum. Notification must be given to the respective teacher in advance if the student has a matter of importance/urgent that allows them not to attend the lesson. If any student should fall sick and cannot attend the lesson, the respective teacher should be notified by telephone call. Each individual student must have and attendance record no less than 85% of a total amount of 100%, in order for them to receive their diploma on completion as prove and confirmation of the two year dance program at Dance Educational.

Social Behaviour

Courtesy, good conduct, well mannered and a respectful studio behaviour must be given and shown to the teachers and to the other participating students at all times. Students must not allow any private or personal matters to restrict or interfere with their daily dance training and a good attitude should be approached in order to create a positive friendly working atmosphere to gain and achieve an excellent and sustainable result from the education. If any student should have a matter of personal importance, an appointment should be made with the school administration/artistic leader for the matter to be resolved.

The Studio

Mobile phones, consumption of food and drinks is not permitted in the studio and any excess baggage and clothing should be kept in the lockers providing by the School.

Dance Educational wishes all the students on entry, a prosperous and uplifting experience.