The wellness class is about the dancers's physical and mental well-being which plays a vital part for their health and their future career. In the positive environment of this class, the students talk about challenges and difficulties, both as a group and as individuals.

The dance world is a very competitive business, therefore it is important to be able to deal with pressure as an individual but also within group. It is a fundamental part in the success of the education that we are able to create and maintain an atmosphere in the group which is supportive and fruitful. Improving communication within the group is a main focus in order to achieve this. The class will teach the students on how to deal with private problems in order for it not to interfere with training or performances.

The wellness class gives the dancers the possibility to reflect their progress, their weaknesses and their ability to direct their energy, attitude and thoughts in a positive way. To become aware of the impact that each individual has on their own development, well-being and balance in life. It provides the opportunity for each student to create strong roots and connection to themselves which will help them to overcome and grow with each task and challenge, to achieve success in the future.


By the end of the 2-year education, the students as individuals will have gained self-knowledge, confidence and trust in themselves, empowering them to fulfill their dreams within dance and to stay dedicated, regardless the circumstances. For the students as a group, this class will contribute for them to grow together, being able to solve problems and to improve communication, so that the group as a whole will be a supportive base throughout the education.