Bild på Rebecca Grottschreiber

Rebecca Grottschreiber


Rebecca holds a bachelor degree in sports science and has a professional background in administration and organization. Her fascination for dance in addition to her enjoyment for movement has brought her to take evening dance classes. But most of all, it has made her very passionate about working with the remarkably talented artists at Dance Educational, where she is responsible for any administrative concerns as well as for event coordination. Furthermore, Rebecca is a certified Pilates teacher in matwork and equipment.

Bild på Camilla Burén

Camilla Burén


Camilla has a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and is working as an Advisor on Infrastructure and Communications at County Administrative Board, Skane County, Sweden. In her work Camilla is a support both within the County Administrative Board and to municipalities and others involved in town and transport planning.As an advisor Camilla is experienced in considering economic aspects both within the working process and for the town area or infrastructure facility that is being planned. Her passion and understanding for dance encourages her to see that funding can be raised in order to keep the culture community vibrant.

Bild på Peter Bechlund

Peter Bechlund


Markman & Bechlund takes care of accounting and reporting of taxes and VAT for a large number of businesses of very different sizes and areas of business. We are a different accounting company using web-integrated services as much as possible and also in our approch to our customers. We respect our customers, they handle their work and business within art, design, web-services and construction and we handle their salary-administration, tax-problems, VAT-reporting and end-of-the year financial statements.

Bild på Sonya Singh

Sonya Singh


Sonya Singh is a photographer who likes to tell stories with the shapes of images. It is her ambition to capture natural personalities in a documentary style which is why she often takes portraits of people that interest her while travelling to different places. Sonya has studied photography in Spain and in Sweden and has had exhibitions in Budapest, Fotomässan in Stockholm, Galleri KOntrast in Stockholm and at Scandinavian Photo. Please feel free to contact her on +46 707880682 or visit her website www.sonyasingh.se.